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I want to say thank you to all my clients who take the time to share their thoughts and experiences on this page. I love doing what I do, and it is all the more rewarding when I read the kind words of my happy clients!

"I have a Cholate Lab named Addie.  Addie is my furry kid and her care is so important to me.  Sandy was introduced to Addie when she was approximately 3 months old.  Addie will be 4 years old on August 18th, and we are blessed to say that Sandy has been a part of our family for nearly 4 years.  She hung in there with us through the puppy days, seeing Addie every day.  Addie had a few stomach problems as a growing puppy and Sandy called right away to let me know. Addie can also be the naughty lab at times and Sandy is so patient with her and has always been great at keeping her out of trouble and safe.  She has never missed a day on the schedule and she always leaves a note telling me about her visit with Addie.   Sandy, we appreciate your flexibility and your willingness to always work with us and our ever changing schedule and hectic life.   You have shown Addie so much love and I never worry when she is with you.  Thank you for all the love you have given Addie throughout the years. We got lucky when we found you!! "


Shelby & Cooper

"My husband and I are from the East coast and have no family to rely on where pet care is concerned.  Luckily, we found Sandy not too long after we moved here.  Sandy has been taking care of Shelby (our geriatric cat (15 years old)) and Cooper (our rescued Poodle-mix).  Shelby is not an easy cat to get to know...we've had her since 8 weeks, but she's always been fairly aggressive and not at all what someone would describe as friendly.  Shelby took to Sandy and is more comfortable with Sandy than I ever expected.  Because of Sandy, my husband and I have been able to travel back to the East coast with little worries about our pets.  Sandy is an intricate part of our family!"


"My dog Colby and I have had the pleasure of working with Sandy for over a year and a half now.  I feel very fortunate to have found Sandy, she has been fabulous to work with and is always very dependable.  I really appreciate that she is flexible when our schedule gets crazy and is always quick to respond when I contact her.  Most importantly, it is very apparent that she has a great relationship with Colby!  I feel great knowing that Sandy is taking excellent care of my little one when I am not able to be there.   I would highly recommend Sandy for any pet care needs."



"We have used Sandy Tribble (Walkin’ the Dog) as our pet sitter for over 2 years. We have two big indoor cats, Lucky (the shy one) and Moochie (everyone’s friend).  Previous to moving to Beaverton we had always put them in boarding when we were away, and we were hesitant to try a sitter. However, Sandy has exceeded our expectations from the outset.  We go away several times a year, anywhere from 2-10 days, and when we do, Sandy visits our kitties twice a day for feeding and care, like brushing. She leaves meticulous notes about each visit, so we know about their appetites and litter box use, or if anything unfortunate happened (like yakking up a fur ball). She is caring and reliable, and she always leaves everything clean and neat.  Best of all, the kitties seem to really like her. Sandy as pet sitter has been so much better for our boys than their boarding experience. We give her a 5-star rating, and don’t hesitate to recommend her!"



"I have been a client of Sandy Tribble and Walkin' the Dog since the fall of 2011. I found out about Sandy and Walkin' the Dog via her ad posted on CraigsList and later found her website. That Thanksgiving, I had planned a trip out of state and after searching through local boarding facilities, I found they were outside of my price range; that is when I contacted Sandy. After my initial phone call and meeting with her, and after receipt of her cost effective price proposal for at home care for my dogs while I was out of state for a week, I decided to ask her to care for my dogs. My biggest concern while being on travel was the safety of my animals so having someone that could stop by my residence to check on my dogs twice a day seemed like the best thing to do for them. When I returned home, I saw immediately that my dogs were still home and had been very well cared for; I was even provided with a daily diary of the visits and the things that Sandy did while spending time with my beloved pets. Since I originally hired Sandy in 2012, I have retained her services and she cares for my dogs still. Sandy is trustworthy, honest, reliable and a very caring and kind individual. Sandy goes above and beyond the care of duty requested and has cared for my sick and injured dog while I was out of state in the past. Sandy has been a wonderful source of service for my little family and I know my dogs love her and I trust her wholeheartedly with my dogs as well as having a key to my personal residence. I think that anyone who is searching for at home affordable pet care or services should use Sandy Tribble and Walkin' the Dog."


Loaf & Solo

Allie & Kasper

"Allie and Kasper absolutely LOVE Sandy.  Her home is truly their “home away from home”.  These pups are my children, so their care when I am away is extremely important.  Sandy has been taking care of Allie and Kasper for three years now and I appreciate her more every day.  I travel several times a year, sometimes for up to 12 or 13 days, and I am always totally comfortable and secure when the pups are with Sandy.  She provides a home that is loving, experienced, active, safe and comfortable.  I am also always assured that if there are special needs, like a recent crate restriction and medications due to leg surgery, Sandy handles them with experience and total commitment.  I know the pups love being with her because they return to my house as if they had not been somewhere else, activity and eating habits still the same.  And when they are taken to her house, they are so excited to see her.  Sandy is an important member of our family and I appreciate her everyday.  I highly recommend Sandy and her services.  She is the BEST!!!"


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